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There’s a lot of mystery about diamonds. People don’t know where diamonds come from, or how these precious gemstones find their way around the world to wind up in unique engagement rings and gorgeous jewelry. It’s time to share some behind-the-scenes information that will make choosing a great diamond easier and more affordable than ever before.

Diamonds: From Dirt to Dream

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Diamonds begin their existence deep beneath the surface of the Earth. Tremendous forces of pressure and time force carbon into its most dazzling form: the diamond. The largest diamond deposits are found in Africa. Miners use a variety of methods to discover and extract diamonds, which are then sold to diamond brokers around the world. A rough diamond doesn’t look like much – it’s only after a skilled cutter has done their magic that the true beauty and potential of the stone is revealed for all the world to see.

Antwerp: The World’s Most Dazzling Diamonds

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Cut diamonds are available throughout the world. One of the best diamond markets, with a truly dazzling selection and unbelievable pricing, is located in Antwerp, Belgium. This diamond market has been operating for a very long time, and has a well-deserved reputation for excellence. The diamonds found there are genuine and ethically sourced, in accordance with the Kimberley protocols.

Diamond Shopping in Antwerp

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The words do not exist to adequately describe the size and quality of the selection of diamonds available in Antwerp. There are many larger stones available that are suitable for custom jewelry or a spectacular engagement ring. We’ve sourced diamonds this way for special anniversary jewelry as well – if you want a ring that will really take your breath away, this is a route well worth exploring.

Every diamond cut you’ve ever heard about – and several you haven’t – are available at the Antwerp diamond market. Traditional cuts like the Princess, Round, and Cushion Cut are side by side with fancy cuts. The majority of diamonds are clear, as these stones are the most universally desirable, but exceptional colored diamonds are available as well.

The best part of diamond shopping in Antwerp is the pricing. Because the middlemen are cut out of the process and diamonds are purchased directly in the marketplace, your diamond buying dollar goes so much further. This isn’t a discount experience – instead, you’re getting tremendous value and can often buy larger, better diamonds than you’d otherwise be able to acquire through traditional retail channels.

Why We Go to Antwerp To Buy Diamonds


When you’re buying diamonds, you want to see the stones in person. Internet photographs just don’t accurately convey what you can expect from a gem. Stones that have identical or nearly identical rating can be vastly different in appearance. At Fernbaugh’s, we want every customer to be absolutely delighted with their diamonds. That’s why we travel to Antwerp periodically to replenish our inventory and find diamonds for customers who are having special engagement rings or custom jewelry pieces made. Sourcing diamonds this way makes sense because it’s the most cost-effective way to bring home the best of the best. If you’re interested in having Lori find diamonds for you during her upcoming October trip to Antwerp, just let us know. You can visit the store anytime, or call us at (574) 709-8681.


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