Show Your Jewelry Some Summer Love: Care Tips for Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Show Your Jewelry Some Summer Love

Summer is here at last! Did you know that the weather can have an impact on your jewelry’s condition? It’s true. We have a lot of fun here in Plymouth and it gets pretty warm. That combination of an active lifestyle and high temperatures can be rough on jewelry. You want to keep your style on point, so here’s what you want to do to take care of your colored gemstone jewelry this summer:

1.) Inspect your jewelry before you put it on.

Each and every time you wear a piece of jewelry, look it over quickly before you put it on. You’re looking for any signs of metal fatigue, like tiny cracks or places where the metal’s gotten thin, as well as loose gemstones and any other damage. If your jewelry is damaged or is on the edge of being damaged, don’t wear it! Bring it in to your local jeweler. Most repairs are quickly done and affordably priced.

2.) Be careful with the sunscreen & bug spray.

It’s a good idea to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays, not to mention all the biting insects who sometimes carry diseases. But sunscreen and bug spray are hard on jewelry. There are chemicals in the formula that can pit metal surfaces, negatively impact treated gemstones, and sometimes lubricate gemstones right out of their settings. Best practice is to take your jewelry off prior to applying sunscreen or bugspray; you can put it back on after they’ve dried.

3.) Don’t let the sun fade your gemstones!

Amethyst, citrine, beryls and quartz jewelry will fade in the sunlight. The fading takes significant prolonged exposure, so if you’re just wearing your jewelry throughout your normal day, you don’t need to stress it, but if you’re going to be laying out in the lawn chair all day, leave your jewelry indoors.

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