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We can’t believe that it’s already August! Summer’s winding down and before you know it, it’ll be time for Fall festivities. As the seasons change, your fashion evolves alongside with it. If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to Fall fashion trends, look no further. Fernbaugh’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry is here to keep you in the loop with this year’s hottest Fall fashion trends.

When you think of the Fall season, what comes to mind? For us, we think of beautiful leaves changing color. So, what better way to prep for the seasonal transformation than to get some stunning jewelry pieces from Fernbaugh’s to match? Here are the trending colors for Fall 2018 that we have for you in our Plymouth jewelry store!


Screen Shot 2018 09 28 At 12 22 25 PM

As the leaves turn yellow, your jewelry can, too! Stop into Fernbaugh’s today for this dazzling yellow diamond engagement ring from Bridal Bells. Let the yellow diamond be a symbol of you and your true love’s fall engagement.

Red Pear

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Nothing goes better with your favorite Fall sweater than some beautiful Ruby jewelry! These Ruby Ostbye Earrings will have you standing out from the crowd, even with the beautiful leaves falling around you!

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Sparkle in true Autumn fashion with this stunning created-ruby pendant; available from our e-commerce site! The surrounding halo of CZ stones make the center stone absolutely dazzling.

Quetzel Green

As the leaves change color for the Fall season, green leaves are replaced with red, orange and yellows hues. Hang on to a little piece of Summer in your jewelry box with the blueish shade of quetzal green! 

Screen Shot 2018 09 28 At 12 23 45 PM

These Elle Revolution earrings featuring enchanted green mystic quartz are the perfect shade of quetzal green for this Fall’s color trend! The crystal-clear tones of the blueish-green turquoise seem to POP right out at you from their silver diamond-encrusted settings. PLUS, they’re part of an affordable set including a necklace and ring, located on our IndySparkle site!

For more tips on getting your Fall fashion on point, be sure to browse our vast selection of jewelry on this home website, or visit IndySparkle, our e-commerce site, for great deals on quality pieces! If you’re having trouble finding that perfect piece, keep in mind that we can help you create the jewelry of your dreams with our custom jewelry services!

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