Custom or Bust: Why You Should Choose a Custom Engagement Ring from Fernbaugh’s

Customize Your Engagement Ring at Fernbaugh's



Each Piece is Unique

When you’re creating a custom engagement ring with Fernbaugh’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry, you’re creating a piece that is unique to you. Our hand-selected Antwerp diamonds are second to none, and our expert goldsmiths will work with you every step of the way. Incorporate personal engravings and design elements to create a stunning jewelry piece that you’ll be able to truly claim as your own.


It’s Affordable

Here at Fernbaugh’s, we want to help you create the ring of your dreams while still honoring your budget. A common misconception about custom engagement rings is that the process of creation is expensive- this simply not true! Creating a custom engagement ring allows you to recreate the designer looks you love at a much more affordable price. At Fernbaugh’s, you can even create your own customized Bellissima Engagement Ring. You’ll be shocked at how affordable it is to create a custom engagement ring with us!


Create a Family Legacy

Not only can a custom engagement ring be unique to you, but it can become unique to your family as well. Become the cornerstone of your family legacy by creating a beautiful, and meaningful, custom jewelry piece in your family for generations to come.


It’s Meaningful

Anyone can get their hands on a mass-produced engagement ring. Only YOU can get your hands on the custom engagement ring of your dreams. Each custom engagement ring tells a unique story- and yours will be no different. The engagement ring that we help you create will represent and express the everlasting love and soul of your relationship. Every single aspect of your custom piece will hold a special place in your heart that only you and the love of your life will know everything about.


It Can Be Fun!

Designing a custom engagement ring can seem like an intimidating process when you’re looking from the outside in. At Fernbaugh’s, we make the custom design process easier than ever for you. You’ll be working with Indiana’s BEST goldsmiths, who will help bring your vision to life through the use of sketches, 3D image creation, and wax molds. We know what we’re doing, and we’ll ensure that you’re having fun creating your custom piece while we take care of the hard work for you!


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